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Our company holds a unique position in the property industry, being true professionals in the field of valuation. In order to carry on that position, it is vital to maintain certain principles and values, and behave in a dissent manner.

Our company always works in a professional manner, with integrity and honesty to serve our clients in good faith, acting impartially and objectively in providing independent advice and value based services. It is important to always respect the public interest. Our company only takes on the assigned job by employing competence, skill and/or experience to complete it with acceptable professional standards. If some hurdles are predicted to complete the job independently, we work in conjunction with a suitably qualified and experienced person to sort out the difficulty.

Any conflicts of interest if identified and considered before a job is taken on, our company do not act in a matter in which a conflict or potential conflict has been identified, unless all interested parties have been made aware of the situation and agree to continuing with the task. Most importantly confidentiality is maintained when working with clients. Our endeavor is always to conduct business in accordance with reasonable public expectations and financial institutions.

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