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Service On Competitive

Valuations of immovable and movable properties are specialized part of our service and we provide efficient service & competitive rates for all valuation work that includes;

  • Valuations for Current Market Value purposes
  • Valuations for Capital Gains for Tax purpose
  • Valuations Mortgage Security Purposes – Residential, Land etc.
  • Valuation of Plant & Machineries
  • Valuation of Vehicles

Commercial Property Valuation

Our Company is professionally enthusiastic in Valuations of Commercial & Industrial properties and expert in that sphere to provide professional advice and service regarding a wide range of properties, including;

  • Commercial Property such as Offices, Showrooms.
  • Industrial Property such as Factory Units, Warehouses, Rural Go-downs, Poultry Farms and other SME Units
  • Medical Centres
  • Retail Shops
  • Public Utilites
  • Development of Sites
  • Specialised Properties including Hotels, Motels, Licensed Premises and Service Stations

Physical Verification Of Asset

We handle the job of physical verification of fixed asset belonging to industries which involves asset verification, monitoring asset movement, in necessity, individual identification of each asset to reduce time and efforts in asset verification.

We review documents such as available Asset Registers for different types of Assets, from purchasing to disposal and our job will involve the followings for the subject assignment.

  • We guide the process involving identifying and marking all movable fixed assets with an iodized aluminium tag,which will be supplied by you,as per our design and specification.These tags are scratch proof,do not tear and fade and those will be serialized to ensure that,each fixed asset has a unique identification. Once a tag has been attached to a fixed asset,all details pertaining to the assets are recorded following the standard naming.
  • On completion of fixed asset verification and tagging,We suggest to reorganize the existing fixed asset register will all pertinent information required to manage the fixed assets. Such information shall include.
The outcome of the exercise would result in the analysis of the following elements
  • A report of missing fixed assets i.e. assets that are in the company asset register but cannot be found on the ground.
  • New assets i.e. assets that were found on the ground but were not on the company’s register.
  • Allocate value to the assets that were labeled i.e.assign the cost,cumulative depreciation and net book value to the specific assets found on the ground.In a case where there is no existing asset register, invoices can be used to assign value.
  • Fixed assets not in use, that is, obsolete assets.

Project Planning & Monitoring

Our Company is well outfitted organization and act as service provider to deliver services in planning and designing of civil constructions and service regarding wide range including;

  • Residential & commercial Buildings
  • Apartments
  • Duplexes
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Medical & other Public Utilities
  • Educational Institutions etc

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